Unlimited Code Works

A pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.


Not quite complete. Please go to my GitHub for what I’m currently working on.

Pet Projects

  • xjtuthesis: a set of canonical LaTeX templates for dissertations of Xi’an Jiaotong University, suitable for bachelors, masters and Ph.D.'s. I wrote my bachelor’s dissertation using this.
  • kwin-maxmize-to-new-desktop: KWin script that moves fullscreened window to a new virtual desktop
  • tensorflow-tbcnn: Tree-based Convolutional Neural Network for SQL Injection Detect
  • QBencode: Bencode read and write support in Qt
  • libtsm: My fork of Terminal-emulator State Machine
  • kmscon: My fork of Linux KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator


  • PKGBUILDs: My customized Arch Linux PKGBUILD files

Old Projects

  • Sublime-Assembly-GoAsm: A Sublime Text 3 plugin providing syntax highlighting for x86/x86-64 assembly code in GoAsm style.
  • plocate: Locate implementation with extra filtering features, compatible with mlocate.db format
  • python-realitymarble: config file version control written in python
  • pac: Small wrapper around pacaur to mimic yaourts search feature. With various fixes
  • pyplot_google_map: matlab function plot_google_map ported to python
  • ClossANN: An implementation of cross entropy loss function in neural Network with a training GUI written in Qt. The code for my bachelor’s dissertation
  • ACCompiler: A simple compiler front end which accepts a C-like gramma
  • KinectControl: Control mouse using Kinect. May only work for pre-beta version of Kinect driver.
  • PixelCube: 3D pixel painting game using LeapMotion
  • Well-Formed-Formula-Analyzer: A simple analyzer which can check if the given WFF is valid and do a little calculate. Almost my very first project
  • VRChat: VRChat source code for MHack
  • TorrentMigrator: Move torrents download record between uTorrent and libtorrent based clients.
  • 2048ASM: An 2048 game writen in goasm