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A pessimist because of intelligence,
but an optimist because of will.



Congratuations! You have made it to the Unlimited Code Works! Welcome!

Here, I'd like to share some exciting projects I'm currently working on or have worked on in the past, as well as all kinds of interesting ideas I have, be it silly or not ;). This also serves as a way of maintaining an archive. Feel absolutely free to get in touch with me if you find anything interesting!

Some words about myself now. My name is Peifeng Yu (Aetf is my nickname) and I'm currently working towards a Master's degree in Computer Science. I’ve dabbled with compiler and system architecture, opensource projects and japanese animes (Yes, animes (ノ>ω<)ノ).

Alt text! And a picture of me! I know it's missing. I'm working on it

I love reading stories. Be it animes, comics or games, it is the stories in them that fascinate me most. As for favorate game types? AVG, RPG, detective games and sometimes music games. Basically I love all games with a great story. I even tried to figure out the story behind Fate/Unlimited Code, a arcade fighting game :P.

Anyway, hope my articles could help you or at least bring you some fun. Live long and prosper...and el psy congroo!

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